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i guess you learn something new every day

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reblog if you are sorry ms. jackson and also are for real

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Do you ever crave to be touched? Even in the most innocent way. I want someone to just hug me for a very long time or someone to lean against/ someone to lean on me. Maybe while sitting or laying next to someone just to have our legs, arms, or feet touching would be nice. I think that when you’re lonely for so long you constantly want to feel someone against you just as a constant reminder that you’re not alone.

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Whoever I date next better be ready to be treated like absolute gold. I have so much love that I’ve been waiting to give its ridiculous

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me about everything

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"and i knew it was bad
when i woke up in the mornings
and the only thing i looked
forward to was going
back to bed"

- poems from my uncle’s grave (via refusings)

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We’ve had these for a while. I love him.